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Buy/Trade List!

Buy/Trade List!

1234 USD

(Last updated 2/13, if this is more than a week old please contact me!)

Can use as many of each as you have extras of!
Add 50% to the values if you would rather have credit DBZ Outpost.com
Set 1:
Vegeta Level 3 Rainbow .50c ea
S8 Goku – Super Saiyan Rainbow Prizm $1 ea
Goku Level 1 and 2 Rainbows .50c ea
S19 Frieza – Galactic Conquerer Rainbow $1 ea
Frieza 1, 2, and 4 rainbows .50c ea
S22 Piccolo – Combat Stance Rainbow $1 ea
S31 Black Power Up Foil $1 ea
S42 Orange Steady Drill Foil .25c ea
S55 Namekian Overhead Blast Foil .50c ea
S65 Blue Guard Foil .25c ea
S83 Saiyan Left Kick Foil .50c ea
S99 Orange Burning Aura Drill Foil .25c ea
S105 Blue Rest Foil .25c ea
S120 Red Static Shot Foil $2 ea
S128 Orange Energy Catch Foil $2 ea
S148 Red Blocking Hand Foil $1 ea
S149 Saiyan Arm Catch Foil .25c ea
C1 Namek Dragon Ball 1 Foil $1 ea
C2 Namek Dragon Ball 2 Foil $1 ea
C3 Namek Dragon Ball 3 Foil .50c ea
C19 Black Punishment Foil .25c ea
C42 Orange Refocus Foil .50c ea
U61 Namek Dragon Ball 4 Foil $1 ea
U62 Namek Dragon Ball 5 Foil $1 ea
U63 Namek Dragon Ball 6 Foil $1 ea
U83 Blue Shifting Maneuver Foil $2 ea
U109 Blinding Energy Move Foil $2 ea
U116 Gohan’s Power Punch Foil $1 ea
R121 Namek Dragon Ball 7 Foil $2 ea
R141 Red Forward Stance Drill Foil .25c ea
R142 Red Heel Kick Foil $1 ea
R147 Saiyan Elbow Drop Foil $2 ea
R149 Dragon Radar Foil .50c ea
R160 Vegeta’s Galick Gun Foil .50c ea
UR161 Heroic Plan $3 ea
UR162 Villainous Visage $6 ea
UR164 Villainous Energy Sphere $10 ea
UR163 Heroic Energy Sphere $12 ea
P1 Vegeta SDCC .50c ea
P3 Gohan - Resilient Child SDCC .50c ea
P4 Krillin SDCC $2 ea
P5 God Goku SDCC $20 ea
P6 Piccolo Stoic $2 ea
P8 Time is a Warrior's Tool $2 ea
P12 Stare Down $2 ea
P20 Saiyan Power Up .25c ea
P21 Krillin's Destructo Disc .25c ea
Set 2:
C1 Nail, Watchful Foil .50c ea
C5 Raditz, True Saiyan Foil .50c ea
C7 Tenshinhan, Patient Foil $.50c ea
C8 Tenshinhan, Stubborn Foil $1 ea
C13 Krillin, Supportive Foil .25c ea
C33 Namekian Lift Foil .25c ea
C38 Orange Torching Drill Foil .25c ea
C44 Red Destiny Foil $1 ea
C47 Red Sacrifice Foil $1 ea
C48 Red Restraint Foil .50c ea
C49 Red Knee Lift Foil $1 ea
C51 Saiyan Protection Drill Foil .50c ea
C52 Saiyan Strength Test Foil .50c ea
U86 Orange Charged Kick Foil $1 ea
U91 Red Stomach Dive Foil .25c ea
R112 Namekian Backhand Foil $3 ea
R117 Orange Chasing Drill Foil .25c ea
R127 Saiyan Outrage Foil $3 ea
R128 Saiyan Grab Foil $3 ea
R137 Nappa's Energized Charge Foil $1 ea
R138 Raditz's Offensive Guard Foil $2 ea
R139 Tenshinhan's Draining Blast Foil $1 ea
P2 Isolation $1 ea
P4 Wall Breaker $1 ea
P6 Black Enraged Assault .50c ea
P8 Withering Fire .50c ea
P9 Namekian Clash .50c ea
P10 Saiyan Outrage $2 ea
P14 Blue Overpowering Drill .50c ea
P16 Red Stop $2 ea
Set 3:
C29 Namekian Reinforced Block Foil .50c ea
C34 Orange Disaster Drill Foil .50c ea
C47 Red Resourceful Block Foil $1 ea
C46 Red Hop Foil .25c ea
U71 Lord Slug – Renewed Foil .25c ea
U95 Red Tandem Attack Foil .50c ea
R109 Namekian Growth Foil $1 ea
R113 Namekian Surprise Attack Foil $1 ea
R118 Red Relaxation Foil $4 ea
R120 Red Mule Kick Foil $3 ea
R121 Red Restriction Foil $1 ea
R122 Red Retreat Foil $1 ea
R124 Saiyan Menace Foil $1 ea
R132 Lord Slug’s Regeneration Foil .50c ea
UR141 I'll Dig Your Grave $3 ea
P2 Blue Betrayal $15 ea
P3 Orange Power Point $5 ea
P4 Red Shoulder Grab $18 ea
P6 Namekian Onslaught $30 ea
P8 Devastating Blow $5 ea
P10 Black Power Up $2 ea
P11 Saiyan Energy Focus $18 ea
P12 Black Back Strike .50c ea
P14 Heroic Energy Sphere $125 ea
P15 Villainous Energy Sphere $100 ea
Gencon Foil Promo Attack Table $2 ea
Set 4:
S25 Red Ruthless Mastery Booster Pack Foil $1 ea
S31 Stare Down Foil $3 ea
S33 Black Power Up Foil $1 ea
S44 Black Enraged Assault Foil .50c ea
S60 Tenshinhan – Returned Foil .25c ea
S81 Namek Dragon Ball 6 Foil (Evolution) $1 ea
S83 Namekian Fusion Foil .50c ea
S92 Namekian Maximum Will Foil .50c ea
S98 Namekian Right Throw Foil .50c ea
S120 Orange Power Point Foil $2 ea
S127 Orange Stare Down Foil .50c ea
S129 Red Blaze Foil .50c ea
S135 Red Blocking Hand Foil $2 ea
S141 Red Face Break Foil .50c ea
S142 Red Freezing Beam Foil $1 ea
S149 Red Power Lift Foil .50c ea
S151 Red Right Cross Foil .25c ea
S152 Red Shattering Leap Foil .50c ea
S154 Red Surrounded Beams Foil .25c ea
C7 Black Protection Foil $1 ea
C14 Blue Flight Foil .25c ea
C15 Blue Knee Foil .50c ea
C17 Blue Vehicle Destruction Foil .50c ea
C19 Namekian Assistance Drill Foil .50c ea
C45 Red Smash Foil .25c ea
C46 Red Vault Foil .25c ea
C48 Saiyan Inspection Drill Foil .50c ea
C52 Saiyan Empowered Smash Foil .25c ea
C53 Saiyan Energy Outburst Foil .50c ea
C55 Saiyan Overhead Kick Foil .50c ea
C56 Saiyan Palm Block Foil .25c ea
C58 Acquisition Drill Foil .50c ea
C59 Android Superiority Foil .50c ea
C60 Shoulder Slam Foil $2 ea
U78 Red Collision Foil .25c ea
U79 Red Forceful Strike Foil .25c ea
R103 Blue Kiss Foil .25c ea
R107 Blue Wash Foil .25c ea
R122 Saiyan Tracking Blast Foil $2 ea
R126 Android 18’s Toss Foil $2 ea
R138 Optic Blast Foil $4 ea
R139 Sinister Choke Foil $8 ea
R140 Tug of War Foil $2 ea
UR141 Defiant Challenge $6 ea
UR142 Hidden Power Drill $3 ea
UR143 Goku - Dashing $1 ea
UR144 Vegeta - Elite $2 ea
P1 Namekian Knowledge Mastery $75 ea
P2 Black Punishment $1 ea
P11 Goku Super Saiyan lvl 4 $15 ea
Set 5:
Any DR Cell - .10c ea
C1 Android Headbutt Foil $1 ea
C17 Blue Clash Foil $1 ea
C37 Orange Thumbs Up Drill Foil .25c ea
C42 Orange Tank Barrage Foil .50c ea
C45 Red Cannon Foil .25c ea
C55 Saiyan Face Strike Foil .50c ea
R115 Overwhelming Power Foil $2 ea
UR142 Heroic Dashing Punch $2 ea
P2 Blinding Energy Move $25 ea
P12 Namekian Targeted Strike $5 ea
P4 Visiting the Past $2 ea
P5 Saiyan Enraged $3 ea
P7 Black Swirl $18 ea
P8 Blue Slash $1 ea
P10 Orange Destruction $1 ea
P14 Orange Uppercut $15 ea
Set 6:
C3 Black Recollection Drill Foil .25c ea
C5 Black Face Kick Foil .25c ea
C45 Red Disregard Foil .50c ea
C46 Red Ejection Foil .25c ea
C56 Saiyan Severing Punch Foil $1 ea
U66 Broly – Determined Foil .50c ea
U90 Namekian Face Off Foil .25c ea
R105 Blue Blanketing Blasts Foil $2 ea
R106 Blue Decapitation Foil $2 ea
R120 Red Sword Slicing Drill Foil .50c ea
UR141 Surprise Attack .50c ea
UR142 Unleashed $5 ea
DR1 Instant Transmission .50c ea
P12 Beerus SDCC .50c ea
P8 Orange Devouring Drill $18 ea
P4 Red Double Strike $15 ea
P7 Black Defensive Burst $4 ea
P11 Blue Barrier $2 ea
P2 Orange Precise Shot $6 ea
Set 7:
Any Attack Table Card - .05c ea
S40 – Blue Head Knock Foil ,50c ea
S62 – Orange Launcher Foil .50c ea
S77 – Stare Down Foil $3 ea
S104 – Saiyan Cheap Shot Foil .25c ea
S111 – Saiyan Multi-Blast Foil .25c ea
C52 Saiyan Escape Foil .50c ea
U67 Earth Dragon Ball 7 Foil .50c ea
R140 Vegeta's Final Flash Foil $5 ea
Any DR (1-30) - .25c ea
UR141 Allied Blitz $1 ea
UR142 Assisted Kamehameha $12 ea
UR143 Flurry of Blows $1 ea
UR144 Heroic Energy Sphere $10 ea
UR146 Villainous Energy Sphere $4 ea
P4 Red Bribe $1 ea
P5 Orange Fierce Attack .25c ea
P6 Black Overload .50c ea
P13 Quick Blast .25c ea
Set 8 Celestial Tournament (Awesome Sauce Proxy):
4 Black Gut Crusher Foil $1 ea
13 Namekian Chase Foil $1 ea
17 Orange Juke Foil Foil $1 ea
19 Orange Bicycle Kick Foil $1 ea
24 Red Brace Foil $1 ea
Complete Foil Playset $45 ea
Complete Nonfoil Playset $30 ea
Set 9 Legends (Awesome Sauce Proxy):
Black Energized Guard Foil $1 ea
10 Blue Seeking Blast Foil $1 ea
29 Saiyan Reverse Catch Foil $1 ea
30 Saiyan Energy Release Foil $2 ea
R33 Bardocks Premonition Foil $2 ea
Complete Foil Playset $45 ea
Complete Nonfoil Playset $30 ea
Set 10 Revelation (Awesome Sauce Proxy):
11 Blue Excitement Foil $1 ea
12 Blue Tempo Foil $1 ea
31 Red Flee Foil $1 ea
42 Suppressive Strike Foil $1 ea
47 Goten’s Defensive Stance Foil $1 ea
48 Goten’s Rock Throw Foil $1 ea
53 Supreme Kai’s Ki Blast Foil $1 ea
Complete Foil Playset $80 ea
Complete Nonfoil Playset $45 ea
Non-foil Starters:
S31 Black Power Up .10c ea (Set 1)
S58 Orange Rage .10c ea (Set 1)
S95 Saiyan Enraged .25c ea (Set 1)
S113 Blue Neck Beam .10c ea (Set 1)
S116 Orange Power Point .10c ea (Set 1)
S120 Red Static Shot .10c ea (Set 1)
S128 Orange Energy Catch .10c ea (set 1)
S33 Black Power Up .10c ea (Evolution)
S40 Black Defensive Burst .10c ea (Evolution)
S55 Black Resistance .10c ea (Evolution)
S75 Blue Head Knock .10c ea (Evolution)
S113 Orange Eruption .10c ea (Evolution)
S120 Orange Power Point .10c ea (Evolution)
S164 Saiyan Gut Kick .10c ea (Evolution)
S51 Blue Neck Beam .10c ea (Awakening)
S54 Vegeta’s Galick Gun .10c ea (Awakening)
S64 Orange Refocus .05c ea (Awakening)
S139 – Devastating Blow .10c ea (Awakening)
Non-foil Commons:
30 namekian double strike .05c ea (Set 1)
33 namekian maximum will .05c ea (Set 1)
34 namekian onslaught .05c ea (Set 1)
46 red double strike .05c ea (Set 1)
47 red duck .05c ea (Set 1)
49 red shattering leap .05c ea (Set 1)
52 saiyan energy Focus .05c ea (Set 1)
53 saiyan clothesline .05c ea (Set 1)
C18 Namekian Reinforced Catch (Evolution) -.05c ea
Non-foil Uncommons:
74 black adaptation .05c ea (Set 1)
76 Black Delay .05c ea (Set 1)
U83 Blue Shifting Maneuver .10c ea (Set 1)
89 namekian Zone pressure .05c ea (Set 1)
98 red jump kick .05c ea (Set 1)
99 red lightning strike .05c ea (Set 1)
100 Red Power Punch .05c ea (Set 1)
101 red shielded at strike .05c ea (Set 1)
102 saiyan domination .05c ea (Set 1)
104 saiyan multi blast .05c ea (Set 1)
106 saiyan wrist block .05c ea (Set 1)
U107 Visiting the Past .25c ea (Set 1)
U109 Blinding Energy Move .10c ea (Set 1)
U113 Overpowering Attack .10c ea (Set 1)
Non-foil Rares:
R149 Dragon Radar .25c ea (set 1)
R139 Orange Uppercut .10c ea (set 1)
R142 Red Heel Kick .10c ea (set 1)
R152 Time is a Warriors Tool $2 ea (set 1)
R157 Krillin’s Destructo Disk .10c ea (set 1)
R118 Red Relaxation .20c ea (movie collection)
R120 Red Mule Kick .10c ea (movie collection)
R124 Android 17's Back Smash .10c ea (Evolution)
R126 Android 18's Toss .25c ea (Evolution)
R138 Optic Blast .50c ea (Evolution)
R139 Sinister Choke $1 ea (Evolution)
R140 Tug of War .10c ea (Evolution)
R107 Cell’s Style .20c ea (Perfection)
R106 Blue Decapitation .10c ea (vengeance)
R105 Blue Blanketing Blasts .10c ea (vengeance)
R139 Cooler’s Rebirth .10c ea (vengeance)
R140 Cooler’s Supernova .10c ea (vengeance)
Set 1 (Print 4):
UR164 Villainous Energy Sphere (Print 4) - $18 ea
UR163 Heroic Energy Sphere (Print 4) - $20 ea
UR162 Villainous Visage (Print 4) - $6 ea
UR161 Heroic Plan (Print 4) - $4 ea
R160 Vegeta’s Galick Gun Foil (Print 4) - $3 ea
R159 Trunks’ Sword Slash Foil (Print 4) - $4 ea
R158 Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon Foil (Print 4) - $2 ea
R157 Krillin’s Destructo Disk Foil (Print 4) - $3 ea
R154 Frieza’s Supernova Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
R153 Captain Ginyu’s Body Switch Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
R152 Time Is A Warrior’s Tool Foil (Print 4) -$10 ea
R151 Stare Down Foil (Print 4) - $5 ea
R150 Confrontation Foil (Print 4) - $4 ea
R149 Dragon Radar Foil (Print 4) -$3 ea
R148 Saiyan Power Up Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
R146 Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
R147 Saiyan Elbow Drop Foil (Print 4) - $3 ea
R145 Saiyan Empowered Mastery Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
R143 Red Left Bolt Foil (Print 4) - $3 ea
R142 Red Heel Kick Foil (Print 4) -$4 ea
R141 Red Forward Stance Drill Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
R140 Red Enraged Mastery Foil (Print 4) - $2 ea
R139 Orange Uppercut Foil (Print 4) -$4 ea
R136 Orange Adaptive Mastery Foil (Print 4) -$3 ea
R135 Namekian Planned Attack Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
R133 Namekian Overtime (Print 4) -$3 ea
R132 Namekian Dragon Clan Foil (Print 4) .50c ea
R131 Namekian Knowledge Mastery Foil (Print 4) - $2 ea
R128 Blue Lunge Foil (Print 4) - $3 ea
R127 Blue Protective Mastery Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
R126 Black Scout Maneuver Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
R121 Namek Dragon Ball 7 Foil (Print 4) -$3 ea
U119 Piccolo’s Weighted Clothing Foil (Print 4) -$3 ea
U118 Krillin’s Solar Flare Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U117 Goku’s Kaio-Ken Foil (Print 4) -$3 ea
U116 Gohan’s Power Punch Foil (Print 4) - $4 ea
U115 Frieza’s Captive Strike Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U114 Quickness Drill Foil (Print 4) - .50c ea
U113 Overpowering Attack (Print 4) - $10 ea
U112 Enraged Blast Foil (Print 4) - $4 ea
U110 Devastating Blow Foil (Print 4) - $3 ea
U109 Blinding Energy Move Foil (Print 4) - $5 ea
U108 Battle Pausing Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U107 Visiting The Past Foil (Print 4) - $5 ea
U106 Saiyan Wrist Block Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
U105 Saiyan Surprise Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U104 Saiyan Multi-blast Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
U103 Saiyan Gut Kick Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U102 Saiyan Domination Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U101 Red Shielded Strike Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
U99 Red Lightning Slash Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U98 Red Jump Kick Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
U97 Red Escape Foil (Print 4) -$3 ea
U96 Red Despair Drill Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U93 Orange Inspection Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
U92 Orange Escape Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
U91 Orange Energy Phasing Drill Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
U90 Orange Empowered Drill Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
U88 Namekian Targeted Strike Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U87 Namekian Hybrid Defense Foil (Print 4) - $4 ea
U86 Namekian Flinch Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
U84 Namekian Wish Foil (Print 4) - .50c ea
U83 Blue Shifting Maneuver Foil (Print 4) - $3 ea
U82 Blue Lunar Ray Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
U81 Blue Farewell Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
U80 Blue Betrayal Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
U79 Blue Blockade Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U78 Black Swirl Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
U77 Black Swerve Foil (Print 4) -50c ea
U76 Black Delay Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
U75 Black Barrage Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
U73 Black Searching Technique Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U72 Jiece – Ginyu Force Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
U70 Yamcha – Action Ready Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
U68 Bulma – Genius Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
U67 Captain Ginyu – Frog Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U66 Captain Ginyu – Body Change Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
U65 Trunks – Young Super Saiyan Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
U64 Trunks – Energy Charged Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
U63 Namek Dragon Ball 6 Foil (Print 4) -$3 ea
U62 Namek Dragon Ball 5 Foil (Print 4) -$3 ea
U61 Namek Dragon Ball 4 Foil (Print 4) -$3 ea
C60 It’s Over 9,000! Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
C59 Saiyan Uppercut Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C58 Saiyan Supreme Block Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C57 Saiyan Scouting Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C53 Saiyan Clothesline Foil (Print 4) - $2 ea
C50 Red Shoulder Grab Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
C49 Red Shattering Leap Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
C48 Red Flares Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
C46 Red Double Strike Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
C42 Orange Refocus Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
C41 Orange Precise Shot Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C38 Orange Defensive Blast Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
C37 Orange Joint Restraint Drill Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C35 Namekian Right Throw Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
C34 Namekian Onslaught Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
C31 Namekian Dragon Blast Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
C30 Namekian Double Strike Foil (Print 4) - $2 ea
C27 Blue Head Knock Foil (Print 4) - $1 ea
C23 Blue Biting Drill Foil (Print 4) - .50c ea
C22 Blue Battle Drill Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C21 Blue Trick Foil (Print 4) - .50c ea
C20 Blue Battle Readiness Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C19 Black Punishment Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C17 Black Knee Catch Foil (Print 4) -.$1 ea
C16 Black Hug Maneuver Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C13 Black Erasing Drill Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
C12 Nappa – Space Traveler Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C11 Recoome – Ginyu Force Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C10 Guldo – Ginyu Force Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
C6 Captain Ginyu – Leader Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C5 Trunks – Resolved Foil (Print 4) -.50c ea
C4 Trunks – Inquisitive Foil (Print 4) -$1 ea
C3 Namek Dragon Ball 3 Foil (Print 4) -$4 ea
C2 Namek Dragon Ball 2 Foil (Print 4) -$3 ea
C1 Namek Dragon Ball 1 Foil (Print 4) -$2 ea
Swords and Scouters $1 for ea ($2 for pair)